July 23, 2024
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The O.R.M.A. project [“Organizzazioni Registrate per il Miglioramento Ambientale” ] (see here) wants to continue and strengthen, by seeking a multidisciplinary and national dimension, an initiative launched for some years within the Environment Commission of the Bologna Accountants Association, with a protocol with the Municipality of Bologna, the definition of a self-assessment sheet  (see here ),  and numerous conferences already held (eg Club for Environmental Improvement Companies).

This initiative, as an evolution of the previous protocol with the Municipality of Bologna, aims to start managing the environmental problems of our time and our territory also at an SME level, starting from the climatic one and the related issues of the energy transition and circular economy, in order to make them elements of competitiveness within the “green economy”.
To learn more about previous activities see (documents in Italian language):

– project sheet

– self-assessment form

– May conference 2008

– 2014 protocol 

PAES Laerte-ENEA senza sfondo

The previous activities were started in collaboration with the Municipality of Bologna and Enea as part of the agreements for the implementation of the Sustainable Energy Action Plan